Minutes of the 260th meeting of the Stainton & Thornton Parish Council
held in the Memorial Hall on Tuesday 12th October 2021 at 7pm.

Present: Parish Councillors A. Liddle (Chair), B. Neale, C. Dean, A. Conroy, D. Coupe, A. Cooper, Clerk the Council - J. Holmes.
Member of the public – K & V Robinson, J. McCabe, PCSO Jack Fisher.

72/21. Apologies for absence/Declarations of Interest. Apologies received from Cllr. R. Dennison (unwell)

73/21. Public Participation – Opportunity for members of the public to address the Council – Mr & Mrs Robinson, Mrs J. McCabe. – Speeding of vehicles on Thornton Road. (see item 75/21b).

74/21. The Minutes of the 259th meeting held on Tuesday 10th August 2021 were approved by the Parish Council, recorded as a true record, and signed by the Chair.

75/21. Matters arising from the above Minutes.

  • a) Neighbourhood Plan – Chair reported that following the submission of the Neighbourhood Plan to Middlesbrough Council, Patrick Whitehead had been appointed as Examiner. He has contacted the NP Group for clarification on certain matters and has undertaken a site visit. His recommendations to Middlesbrough Council on the plan are imminent. If successful, it is hoped that a public referendum will be held before Christmas.

  • b) Roadside Speed Display Unit – Cllr Neale reported that he had held a site meeting in the villages with Steve Rigg (Middlesbrough Council) on 30 September. Locations for roadside units were discussed and identified. A funding bid had been submitted to the Mayor which, if successful, could result in the purchase of 4 units.

    Local residents present, Mr & Mrs Robinson and Mrs McCabe expressed their concerns about the speed of vehicles on Thornton Road as well as the driving of vehicles at the T junction of Thornton Road and Maltby Road. Their suggestion of a STOP sign at the junction would be put to Middlesbrough Council. A request to repaint the 20mph road markings on Thornton Road will also be made. The residents were assured that the Parish Council and the police were fully aware of the speeding concerns and were actively pressing for a solution to the problem. Cllr Neale will be contacting Steve Rigg on timescales regarding the funding bid.

  • c) Parking Issues – Hemlington Road – Very little progress has been made and vehicles continue to be left unattended, parked without consideration to other road users. Education by means of enforcement by Street Wardens is to be encouraged. Cllr Coupe to speak to Street Wardens and arrange regular visits to the area.

  • d) Re-siting of Bus Stops – No further progress on the re-siting of the bus stop in Hemlington Road and Meldyke Lane near the old Board School, although the location of the re-siting had been identified.

  • e) Village Newsletter – Cllr. Cooper reported that the September edition of the newsletter had been delivered to all residents including the new developments at Hemlington Grange. Following an appeal for volunteers to service the 400+ houses at the development 2 residents had offered their services. Hopefully more will follow suit.

  • f) Footpath – 3 Strait Lane – Cllr. Dean reported that he was still awaiting conformation from Middlesbrough Council that they were the owners of the land in question. Meanwhile the heavy flower planter will be moved from the footpath to the grassed area which should, in the short term, driving over the affected area.

  • g) Aread Care – Chair reported that the Parish Council had a very good relationship with Richard Ward at Middlesbrough Council who responds effectively to requests. MBC grass cutters had now attended Maelor’s Wood, Stainton Quarry and Kell Gate Green.

  • h) Traffic Monitoring - Stainton Way – Cllr Neale reported he was unable to ascertain the reason for the monitoring of traffic in August on Stainton Way. However, it was suggested that traffic flows were being measured in relation to the proposed new road in Stainsby Park.

76/21. The Report of the Clerk to the Parish Council.

  1. The following magazines are on circulation to Parish Councillors: Clerk & Councils Direct, The Clerk.

  2. NALC circulars and information received from CLCA have been forwarded to all councillors where appropriate.

  3. Financial Statement 10.10.2021.

Balance at 09.10.21. £15,886.70
Income since last meeting: Nil
Expenditure since last meeting: £922.39 - Approval required.

Date: Payee. Reason. Cheque No. Amount.
26.08.21 MBC Printing 515 68.67
26.08.21 SLCC Membership renewal 516 45.00
28.08.21 HMRC PAYE (August) 517 62.20
28.08.21 J.Holmes Salary (August) 518 248.41
21.09.21 M.Holmes Bedding Plants 519 95.71
30.09.21 J.Holmes Salary (Sept) 520 248.61
30.09.21 HMRC PAYE (Sept) 521 62.00
30.09.21 Baines Jewitt Pro. Services 522 42.00
03.10.21 J.Holmes Toner Tank 523 16.79
03.10.21 B.Chapman Bedding Plants 524 33.00

Resolved: All payments aforementioned approved.

77/21. Committee Reports

    21/0418/FUL. 8 Hemlington Road. Chair reported that Middlesbrough Council had confirmed that the curtilage of the property was not in the Stainton conservation area and not subject to restrictions. However, there were other concerns about the development and the builder has been told to stop work by Middlesbrough Council whilst officials investigate.

    Stainton Beck – Pollution at Kell Gate Green. – Following an official complaint to the Environment Agency it has been revealed that they did in fact respond to Middlesbrough Planning Department stating there should be no foul or contaminated discharge from any source into Stainton Beck.

    Middlesbrough Council maintain their stance that the treatment plants at the properties concerned when working efficiently prevent any foul discharge.

    The pollution problem in Kell Gate Green continues with foul discharge into the beck and the matter remains unresolved.

    Cllr. Conroy proposed that the Parish Council obtain new water samples at the outlet source and once the results are known the Parish Council consider making an official complaint to the Middlesbrough Council before referring the matter to the Ombudsman.
    Resolved: Cllr Conroy to arrange for water sampling from Stainton Beck for analysis.

  • Environment Committee (GFG) – Cllr. Coupe (Chair) reported on two recent meetings of his committee which has resulted in new volunteers coming forward. A gardening event is to be held in the Memorial Hall next March in the form of a ‘Gardeners Question Time’ with the past owner of Cherry Hill Garden Centre offering advice etc. The old village pump on Thornton Road is to be relocated to an area near the T junction, a more prominent position.

    Some residents from Rose Cottage 3 have complained about the state of the ROW footpath from the Wynd to Low Lane. There are also concerns that the suds pond in the same development near Low Lane, is unsafe and should be fenced off. Cllr. Coupe to arrange site meeting with Stuart Muir Williams, Footpaths Officer, Middlesbrough Council.
    Resolved: Environment Committee reports accepted.

    PCSO Jack Fisher was in attendance, deputising for the local officers who were unavailable.
    Current concerns were the recent grass fires in Maelor’s Wood caused apparently by youths from out of area. The police were aware of the incidents and will be visiting the area frequently. Similar incidents should be reported to them immediately.

    The monthly crime statistics supplied by the police were appreciated as it gives a flavour of what is occurring in the area, although historic in nature. It was requested that police inform the council of any concerns/crimes that were currently ongoing so as to be aware and inform residents accordingly.

    Clerk reported that he had expressed concern in writing regarding the recording of crimes without an identified address being logged at the Community Safety Hub located in our area and possibly distorting the crime figures. No reply has been received from the police. The officer stated he would investigate the matter on the reference number provided by the Clerk.

78/21. Friends of Stainton and Thornton Green Spaces – Cllr. Liddle reported that the recently circulated AGM minutes were inaccurate and should be withdrawn. New minutes will be circulated in due course.

The Thursday Group had acquired a new volunteer. The Quarry will have the final cut this week followed by KGG the following week after which the cutters will be put to be until next year.

The Maintenance Contract with the Parish Council continues at a cost of £500 per annum.

The annual donation of £200 to the FSTGS in assist in running costs was approved with a proviso that a further donation would be made if running costs were unexpectedly high.
Resolved: The maintenance ’contract’ be renewed at a cost of £500 and a donation of £200 made towards running costs.

79/21. Cleveland Local Councils Association – Weekly circulations of emails continue to be forwarded to councillors where relevant. Clerk to contact Secretary to ascertain when quarterly meetings are likely to resume.

80/21. Community Governance Review – Chair reported that Middlesbrough Council are conducting a community governance review after Nunthorpe Parish Council requested an alteration to their parish boundary. A review by MBC is long overdue as the original legislation came into force in 2007 and must be reviewed every 10 years. Documents released by Middlesbrough Council have been circulated to all councillors inviting comment. The review is ongoing with the Chair and Ward Councillor attending meetings via Webex.

81/21. Christmas Lights – It was noted that the seasonal christmas lights ‘switch on’ would be held on Friday 3 December 2021. The Memorial Hall had booked a brass band to play christmas carols in the ‘Square’ as a community event. Cllr. Conroy to arrange installation of lights with Middlesbrough Council

82/21. Date and Time of Next Meeting: Tuesday, 14 December. 7pm in the Memorial Hall.

The Chair formally closed the meeting at 9:00pm

Minutes taken by: J. Holmes, Clerk to the Council, 13 Strait Lane, Stainton, TS8 9BB.
clerk@staintonandthorntonparishcouncil.org.uk Tel: 01642 296060. 07980 572115.

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