Parish of Stainton & Thornton Community Council

Minutes of the Parish Assembly, a joint meeting of the
Community and Parish Councils held in the Memorial Hall, Stainton on
Tuesday, 8 March 2022 at 7pm.

Chair: The meeting was chaired by Angela Cooper

Present: The attendance list recorded 35 people present at the meeting.

Apologies PCSO Jak Fisher, Cleveland Police

Officers/Councillors in attendance: P/Cllrs. A. Cooper, D. Coupe, A. Liddle, R. Dennison, A. Conroy.

Police Report – PCSO Jak Fisher was unable to attend but he did supply the Secretary with the crime statistics for February which saw a 33% reduction in reported crimes compared to the previous month.

Speaker – Andy Preston. Elected Mayor of Middlesbrough give a brief address to the meeting noting the overwhelming ‘Yes’ vote on the recent referendum on the Stainton and Thornton Neighbour Plan. The plan would now go before Middlesbrough Council, and if passed, would be incorporated into the Middlesbrough Local Plan safeguarding future building developments in our area. Mr Preston also revealed that Eton College would be announcing the opening of Eton 6th Form College to be sited in Middlehaven, one of only 3 such colleges in the country. He also commented on the generosity of Middlesbrough residents who were donating clothes, blankets, medicines, and toiletries to the displaced refugees from the Ukraine. Cash donations to an organisation such as UNICEF would ensure the monies would get to the point of need. Mr Preston finished by stating he was very optimistic for the future of Stainton and Thornton in retaining its ‘village feel’ in an urban environment.

Minutes of the Community Council meeting held 9.11.21. The Minutes of the Community Council meting held on 9 November 2021 were agreed and accepted as a true record.

Matters arising - None

Ward Councillors Report – David Coupe
It was unfortunate that a member of the Neighbourhood Police Team was unable to be here tonight, but they have sent the latest crime figures. Hemlington continues to have serious ASB. To this end Middlesbrough Council are in the process of installing more cameras in the worst affected areas. This continues to take a lot of police time. As usual ring 101 if not urgent but 999 if it is more serious.

I was good for the mayor Andy Preston to be able to attend our meeting this evening despite having a family commitment this evening. I have been working closely with Andy at Middlesbrough Council and one of the things we hope to achieve is more protection for the rural aspects and character of the villages and surrounding area.

Can I say how fantastic it was that the vote for the Neighbourhood Plan. The vote was 423 for and 16 against. Can I thank everyone that supported it and my especial thanks go to the group whose dedication over the last 3 years have enabled this plan to be implemented.

Hemlington Grange, which is both part of our Ward and Parish is expanding at a very high rate. Over the next few months there will be up to 100 new houses occupied. The planed stages of development are such that the Riding for the Disabled Unicorn Centre will be losing one of their fields shortly.

Despite earlier information the roads and footpaths in Rose Cottage phases 1 and 2 have not yet been adopted by Middlesbrough. This should be resolved in the coming months and phase 3 should follow soon after.

The 13 and 13a Bus Service is continuing to run and serves as an important lifeline for the village. I am currently working with Middlesbrough Council, Stagecoach, and other councillors to try and plan public transport in the south of Middlesbrough into the future.

I did mention last time about blocked drains and footpaths and roads covered in leaves and other debris. I managed to get the council to clean not only the drains on Strait Lane and Meldyke Lane but also the pavements and roads in Stainton and Thornton. Potholes continue to be a problem especially on Hemlington and Thornton Roads. Despite the council spending 3 days here late last year there are even more appearing. I have asked for road resurfacing to be put on the council’s high priority list.

The news on the flashing speed signs on roads in Stainton and Thornton via the MBC small members is that the money has been approved and along with money direct from the Parish Councill. This will allow for the installation of the flashing signs and traffic calming on Thornton Road.

Cleveland Police have again started to carry out Speed Watch. I have no news when this will start.

There is still no news on the land previously owned by Angela Swift Developments near to Rose Cottage Phase 2. It has been nearly 2 years since the last plans were submitted.

I mentioned the problems of broadband in the newsletter. I am trying to talk to the various service providers that cover the area. Unfortunately, the meeting with City Fibre tomorrow has had to be postponed. Please let me know your thoughts on the coverage in this area.

The Environmental Committee AKA the Green Fingers Gang is there to help and encourage people to plant and maintain the flower beds and tubs throughout the villages. Again my thanks to the dedicated team of volunteers who plant and maintain these throughout the year.

I try to attend the Saturday Coffee Morning in the Memorial Hall if anyone wishes to bring any problems or concerns, or you can e-mail or telephone me.

Treasurers Report – The balance at the last meeting (November) stood at £3,174.53. Following expenditure on hall hire, printing, and a donation for the cost of a brass band at the Christmas Light-up, totalling £235.66 the current bank balance stands at £2,938.87

Grant Applications – None received.

Planning Applications – The only current planning application under review was
21/0567/FUL – Erection of Detached Garage at 27 Maltby Road. This application was refused by Middlesbrough Council, but the applicant has appealed against that decision and a final outcome is awaited.

Cllr. Liddle, Chair of the Parish Council took the opportunity to explain in detail what the Stainton and Thornton Neighbourhood Plan was all about.

Any other business

  • a. a) Howard Wren asked if there was any progress on the pollution problem at Kell Gate Green. - Alan Liddle stated that it appeared at the moment the treatment plants in the two properties were working efficiently and not discharging sewage into the beck. However, any malfunction would result in a discharge and further pollution. Cllr. Dennison stated the only sure way to prevent discharge was for the properties to be connected to the main sewer system. Cllr. Conroy reported that the whole process, the granting of permission for the treatment plants by Middlesbrough Council, was flawed and the Parish Council would be reporting the matter to the Ombudsman

  • b. Governance Review – Middlesbrough Council were conducting a Governance review on the effectiveness of Parish and Community Council asking residents to comment in an online questionnaire which can be found at Community governance review | Middlesbrough Council

  • c. Queens Platinum Jubilee - Clare Wren asked if the grant she applied for on behalf of the Memorial Hall in respect of the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebration had been approved by Middlesbrough Council. David Coupe stated he understood the grant had been approved.

  • d. Annual General Meeting – The Chair reported that the next meeting of the Community Council would be the AGM where the election of officers would take place. Anyone interested in taking over any of the roles of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or Treasurer should register their interest by contacting the Secretary before the next meeting.

Date and Time of Next Meeting - Tuesday 10 May 2022. 7pm in the Memorial Hall.

The Chair formally closed the meeting at 9:00pm

The Minutes of the Community Council meetings will be available to view on the Parish Council website under the Local Groups tab.

Minutes taken by: J. Holmes, Clerk to the Council, 13 Strait Lane, Stainton, TS8 9BB. Tel: 01642 296060. 07980 572115.

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