Minutes of the 264th meeting of the
Stainton & Thornton Parish Council held in the
Memorial Hall on Tuesday 14th June 2022 at 7pm.

Present: Parish Councillors A. Liddle, A. Cooper, A. Conroy, C. Dean, D. Coupe.
Clerk the Council - J. Holmes.

48/23. Apologies for absence/Declarations of Interest. Cllr. B. Neale (travelling back from London)
Chair read out an email received from R. Dennison who has resigned from his role as parish councillor. No explanation given.
Resolved: Resignation accepted. Personal details to be removed from website.

49/22. Public Participation – Opportunity for members of the public to address the Council – None.

50/22. The Minutes of the 263rd meeting held on Tuesday 12 April 2022 were approved by the Parish Council, recorded as a true record, and signed by the Chair.

51/22. The Minutes of the 36th Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 17th May 2022 were approved by the Parish Council, recorded as a true record, and signed by the Chair.

52/22. Matters arising from the above Minutes.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan – Chair reported that the Stainton and Thornton Neighbourhood Plan was put before a full meeting of Middlesbrough Council on 25 May 2022 and was unanimously approved. It will now be incorporated into the Middlesbrough Local Plan.

  2. Roadside Speed Display Unit – Information from Middlesbrough Council reveal that a delay in installation has occurred owing to staff changes and component shortages at the manufacturers.

  3. Parking Issues – Hemlington Road – Cllr. Coupe reported that the yellow lines around the junction at Church Close have been installed but not to the agreed length. Geoff Field from MBC will be visiting the site tomorrow to appraise situation.

  4. Village Newsletter – Clerk reported that the number of copies of the Village Newsletter (and Community Council newsletter) had now risen to 1,500 which has resulted in an increase in printing costs. The current newsletter distribution method organised by Florence and Ray Rix is working efficiently.

  5. Footpath – 3 Strait Lane – Cllr. Coupe reported that despite his efforts he had been unable to clarify from Middlesbrough Council who actually owned the land where the remedial work was required. It was agreed to write to Geoff Field at MBC to establish ownership with a view to progressing the matter. It was noted that this item was first raised 12 months ago by Cllr. Dean and has still not been resolved.

  6. Community Governance Review – Chair reported there had been a very poor response to the survey ‘Your Area–Your Say’ commissioned by Middlesbrough Council. Initial recommendations will be for the 2 parish councils to continue as normal, and that Marion Walker from MBC has been tasked to review the effectiveness of Community Councils. It was hoped that officials from the CGR team would accept the invite to attend a Community Council meeting.

  7. Storm Arwen – It was noted that a recent report on the event heavily criticised Northern Power’s response to the power failures. Cllr. Coupe stated he would enquire if any compensation was due for the loss of power in Stainton.

  8. Footpaths & Overhanging hedges – Cllr. Coupe stated he would speak to the occupiers of 32 Seamer Road in an effort to persuade them to cut back the hedge as requested. If they are unwilling or unable to do so Middlesbrough Council will be asked to intervene and any costs involved will be the responsibility of the occupiers.

  9. Dilapidated building – 1 Hemlington Road – New information regarding the whereabouts of the owner of the property has been passed to Middlesbrough Planning who will hopefully follow up and engage with the owner.

  10. Rose Cottage Farm housing developments – Cllr. Coupe confirmed that Rose Cottage developments 1 and 2 had been adopted by Middlesbrough Council. However, it would likely be a further 18 months before the adoption of Rose Cottage 3.

53/22. The Report of the Clerk to the Parish Council.

  1. The following magazines are on circulation to Parish Councillors: Clerk & Councils Direct, The Clerk.

  2. NALC circulars and information received from CLCA have been forwarded to all councillors where appropriate.

  3. Financial Statement 14.06.22.

Balance at 12.04.22. £11,380.59
Income since last meeting: ££12,010.00 (Precept)
Expenditure since last meeting: £2,032.40  - Approval required.
Balance at 14.06.2022: £21,358.19

Cheque No.
Info. Commissioner
GDPR renewal
Baines Jewitt
Pro. Services
PAYE (April)
Salary (April)
Internal Audit Fee
Annual Subs.
PAYE (May)
Salary (May)
L. Brear

Resolved: All payments aforementioned approved.

54/22. Banking Arrangements – Parish Council
A new current account for the Parish Council has been opened with Unity Trust Bank. On 27 June 2022 the monies with our current bank Santander will be switched over to Unity Trust. The Santander account will then be closed.
The protocol, which will conform to our Financial Regulations, for internet banking including payment via BACS with Unity Trust is as follows:
Clerk – View account and submit payments.
Cllrs. Liddle, Conroy and Coupe – View account and authorise payments.
For the issue of cheques any 2 signatories are required. The Clerk, Cllrs. Liddle, Conroy and Coupe are listed as signatories.

Resolved: The new banking arrangements with Unity Trust Bank and the closure of the Santander account was confirmed by Councillors.

55/22. Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/22 – Clerk reported that this return (AGAR) had been completed. The Certificate of Exemption had been submitted to the external auditor and the Accounting Statements signed off by the Parish Council. All AGAR and other financial documents were available to view on the Parish Council and Middlesbrough Council websites. The Notification of Public Rights (examination of accounts) will run from 17.6.22. until 16.7.22. The statutory notices are displayed on the website and village noticeboard.

56/22. Committee Reports

Planning – Cllr. Liddle 27 Maltby Road. Application 22/0329/FUL. New application for garage with different design. Previous application 21/0567/FUL had been refused by Middlesbrough Council.

To note that the Stainsby Development Master Plan had been accepted by Middlesbrough Council Executive.

To note that outline planning permission for 4 shops and 250 parking places at land opposite the roundabout on Low Lane (Jack Simon Way) had been applied for.

Environment – Cllrs. Liddle & Coupe
Stainton Beck – Pollution at Kell Gate Green. – Cllrs. Conroy and Liddle continue to work on the report to the Ombudsman about Middlesbrough Council mishandling the planning issue.
Environment Committee (Green Finger Gang) – Report of the meeting 24.5.22. received. Still awaiting confirmation from Middlesbrough Council about relocating the ‘village pump’ near Thornton T Junction.

Crime & Disorder Latest crime statistics for Stainton and Thornton for month of May received from the police. No serious concerns. Cllr. Coupe to arrange for local officers to attend the village coffee mornings (Saturdays) on an ad hoc basis.

57/22. Friends of Stainton and Thornton Green Spaces – Cllrs. Liddle and Conroy.
Cllr. Liddle reported that MBC had cut Kell Gate Green and the Quarry however a cutting regime for verges in Strait Lane, Fawcett Avenue and Pennyman Way had not been established. It would appear that there was a programme for ‘ride on’ cutters but not for the handheld cutters.
Replacement carvings (2 badgers, 2 deer) had been ordered and the deposit paid. Hopefully installed in August.
Alternative storage facility actively being sought for storage of equipment.
4 Children’s activities, in conjunction with TVWL, have been arranged for August (Wednesdays).
Cllr. Conroy reported that the Thursday group were cutting and tidying as normal. However more help was needed. An appeal for new volunteers to be made via village newsletter and Community Council.

58/22. Risk Assessments – Annual risk assessments on Parish Council assets to be completed by Cllrs. Conroy (Noticeboards) and Liddle (Seats, planters and troughs).

59/22. Cleveland Local Councils Association – Circulars from CLCA and NALC continue to be emailed to all Councillors on a weekly basis. Advice sort from CLCA about bank arrangements for Parish Councils. Yearly subscription to CLCA paid.

60/22. Date and Time of Next Meeting: Tuesday 9 August 2022. 7pm in the Memorial Hall

The Chair formally closed the meeting at 9pm

Agreed and signed as a true record ………………………… Date ………………

Minutes taken by: J. Holmes, Clerk to the Council, 13 Strait Lane, Stainton, TS8 9BB.
clerk@staintonandthorntonparishcouncil.org.uk Tel: 01642 296060. 07980 572115.

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