Minutes of the 259th meeting of the Stainton & Thornton Parish Council held in the Memorial Hall on Tuesday 10 August 2021 at 7pm.

Present: Parish Councillors A. Liddle (Chair), B. Neale, C. Dean, A. Conroy, D. Coupe, A. Cooper, R. Dennison. Clerk the Council - J. Holmes.
Member of the public – B & C Lee, T.Elahi, PCSO Mike Fenwick, PCSO Tony Smith.

61/21. Apologies for absence/Declarations of Interest. None

62/21. Public Participation – Opportunity for members of the public to address the Council – Mr & Mrs Lee – Village Newsletter. See item 4e.

63/21. The Minutes of the 258th meeting held on Tuesday 22 June 2021 were approved by the Parish Council, recorded as a true record, and signed by the Chair.

64/21. Matters arising from the above Minutes.

  • a) Neighbourhood Plan – Chair reported that the completed Neighbourhood Plan had been submitted to Middlesbrough Borough Council. The public consultation period ends on the 16 August and an independent examiner has been appointed by MBC with parish council agreement. The examiner will assess the Plan to ensure it meets the Basic Conditions of a Neighbourhood Plan and make recommendation, where necessary, to modify the Plan to make sure it complies. Once agreed, the Plan can then proceed to a referendum. If the referendum result is positive/successful, then the Neighbourhood Plan will then be incorporated into the new emerging MBC Local Plan.

  • b) Roadside Speed Display Unit – Cllr Neale updated members regarding his research and communications with relevant parties surrounding the purchase and installation of one or more road-side speed display units. It had been established that data from the preferred unit could be downloaded for analysis.

    It was proposed by Cllr Conroy, seconded by Cllr Liddle, that the Parish Council purchase one roadside display unit – Unipart Dorman V6AGLBH and accompanying solar power kit - irrespective of whether any match funding would be forthcoming from Middlesbrough Council for additional units. The proposal was carried unanimously. Cllr Neale to liaise with Middlesbrough Council to progress the purchase.

    Resolved: The Parish Council to purchase one roadside speed display unit as described.

  • c) Parking Issues – Hemlington Road – Cllr Coupe reported that Middlesbrough Council officials had visited the area and will be making some proposals to try alleviate the parking problems on Hemlington Road - which may include the installation of yellow lines. In the meantime, the Council Community Enforcement team will be visiting the area on an ad hoc basis, and ticketing offending vehicles in the main areas of concern – outside the two shops and around the Church Close junction.

  • d) Re-siting of Bus Stops – No further progress on the re-siting of the bus stop in Hemlington Road and Meldyke Lane near the old Board School. A request will be made to Tees Valley Connect for the bus stop signage to be correctly named.

  • e) Village Newsletter – Cllr. Cooper will be the editor of the village newsletter which because of the new housing developments at Hemlington Grange (Elderwood Park and Ashfield Park) will be retitled ‘The Parish of Stainton and Thornton Residents Newsletter.’ Clerk reported that the volunteer distributors in Stainton and Thornton had confirmed their willingness to continue but additional volunteers were required to service the 400+ houses at Hemlington Grange. An appeal for additional volunteers would be made but the services of a leaflet distribution company will have to be considered. The current number of houses in the new developments to be ascertained.

  • f) Footpath – 3 Strait Lane – Cllr. Dean reported that he was still awaiting conformation from Middlesbrough Council that they were the owners of the land in question. Cllr. Coupe to progress enquiry.

65/21. The Report of the Clerk to the Parish Council.

  1. The following magazines are on circulation to Parish Councillors: Clerk & Councils Direct, The Clerk.

  2. NALC circulars and information received from CLCA have been forwarded to all councillors where appropriate.

  3. Financial Statement 09.08.2021.

Balance at 06.06.21. £17,629.41
Income since last meeting: Nil
Expenditure since last meeting: £820.22 - Approval required.
Balance at 09.08.2021: £16,809.19

Date: Payee. Reason. Cheque No. Amount.
13.06.21 B. Chapman. Plants 506 40.00
13.06.21 A. Conroy Signs KGG 507 57.00
30.06.21 J.Holmes Salary (June) 509 248.61
30.06.21 HMRC PAYE (June) 510 62.00
08.07.21 Baines Jewitt Pro. Services 511 42.00
31.07.21 CLCA LCR subs. 512 60.00
31.07.21 J.Holmes Salary (July) 513 248.41
31.07.21 HMRC PAYE (July) 510 62.20

Resolved: All payments aforementioned approved.

66/21. Committee Reports

  • PLANNING ISSUES – Recent applications received at Middlesbrough Council include:
    21/0541/FUL. 16 Meldyke Lane. – Blocking up of one of two doors to front.
    20/0539/FUL. 62 Cedarwood Glade – Single storey extension to rear.
    21/0540/PNH. 5 Brookes Lane – Single storey extension to rear.
    No objections to the applications by the Parish Council.

    Stainton Beck – Pollution at Kell Gate Green. – The Environment Agency, at the request of Middlesbrough Council, have taken further sampling from Stainton Beck and the results show no improvement in the levels of pollution in the water course at the discharge point, upstream and downstream points. The situation remains unchanged, and the matter is still unresolved.

    At the Parish Council meeting held on 22 June 2021 it was decided to write to the local Member of Parliament requesting the matter be referred to the relevant ombudsman. Advice received from his office indicates the Parish Council should in the first instance make an official complaint to the Environment Agency after which the matter can be referred to the Parliamentary Ombudsman if the outcome is unsatisfactory.

    In the meantime, it was agreed that all residents should be brought uptodate with the ongoing situation in Kell Gate Green and that an article in the Residents Newsletter was the best forum to share this information.

    Resolved: Stainton & Thornton Parish Council to make an official complaint to the Environment Agency in relation to the pollution problem in Stainton Beck.

  • Environment Committee (GFG) – Cllr. Coupe (Chair) suggested that a meeting of the Environment Committee be scheduled for 31 August to discuss ongoing matters including, replacement planters, tubs, and overhanging hedges. – Clerk to arrange.

    PSCOs Mike Fenwick and Tony Smith attended the meeting and were introduced to members of the Parish Council. The officers were thanked for supplying the local crime statistics on a monthly basis. It was agreed that Parish Council would be informed, where possible, of any trends in advance of the monthly figures e.g., theft from the new building developments near the Community Safety Hub off Stainton Way, or any other incidents where residents could be warned accordingly. It was evident that although some incidents were not being reported to the police they were actively shared on social media (Facebook etc). The officers stated they monitored social media as a matter of course which allowed them to keep uptodate with ‘non reported’ incidents, however crime statistics would be more accurate if all matters were reported.

    The Community Safety Hub is located within the parish of Stainton and Thornton, and it was a concern for councillors to learn that the monthly crime statistics could be distorted as any crime report in the force area without an identified address is allocated to the Community Safety Hub for location purposes. The Clerk will write to Cleveland Police and to the Police and Crime Commissioner highlighting this concern and requesting accurate statistics in future.

    PCSO Fenwick also reported that the Speed Watch team returned to the area last week resulting in 5 drivers reported and 13 drivers cautioned for speeding offences. The Speed Watch team will return to the area on an ad hoc basis.

67/21. Traffic Monitoring – Stainton Way – It had been noticed that some form of traffic monitoring was taking place on Stainton Way near the footbridge, however the reason for the monitoring was unknown. Cllr. Neale to liaise with Steve Rigg, Middlesbrough Council on this matter.

68/21. Middlesbrough Area Care – Workload and Work Schedule. It had been noted that whilst Area Care had been cutting on the grassed areas in Stainton and Thornton, Maelor’s Wood remains somewhat neglected with the grass paths and hedges overgrown and in need of attention. The Chair will request to meet Area Care on site to discuss areas of concern and to clarify their work schedule.

69/21. Friends of Stainton and Thornton Green Spaces – Cllr. Liddle reported that the group had recently held their AGM. The elected officers are Chair – Alan Liddle, Vice Chair – John Cooper, Treasurer – Brian Hogarth, Secretary – Muriel Newbould.
One of the badger sculptures on Strait Lane had rotted and had to be removed. A replacement badger sculpture would be ordered along with possibly two more animal sculptures for Kell Gate Green and the Quarry. Sue Antrobus from TVWLT will be organising some children’s sessions in Maelor’s Wood on the 18 – 19 September and in the half term week on 26 October.
The chair is to contact Simon Blenkinsop at MBC to organise the replacement of several street trees that have been removed due to damage or disease. Replacement street trees have been identified and will be planted when acquired.

70/21. Cleveland Local Councils Association – Weekly circulations of emails continue to be forwarded to councillors where relevant. There has been no indication of when meetings will resume.

71/21. Date and Time of Next Meeting: Tuesday, 12 October. 7pm in the Memorial Hall.

The Chair formally closed the meeting at 9:30pm

Minutes taken by: J. Holmes, Clerk to the Council, 13 Strait Lane, Stainton, TS8 9BB.
clerk@staintonandthorntonparishcouncil.org.uk Tel: 01642 296060. 07980 572115.

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